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Dr Josef Noah vs Wilfried Paulsen - The Evening Express Wales

The Evening Express, Wales
22 July 1892
"Our Chess Column" was the a regular column from The Evening Express, Wales.

Josef Noa vs Wilfried Paulsen 1-0, Hamburg 1885
Sicilian Defence, Kan. Knight Variation (B43)
This is Dr. Josef Noa from Hungarian versus Wilfried Paulsen, older brother of the famous Louis Paulsen. According to the article the game finished on move 18, where black resigned. Dr. Noa later give in the finishing move as in the article, which is of course not recorded on the database. Dr. Noa analysis was also actually not really convincing, as more than a hundred years later engine suggested something different. See game viewer.

White to play and mate in two moves, unknown composer.

Position: K3N3/2B5/Bpp3R1/1r1k1r2/1P4Q1/2P5/2nnP3/8 w - - 0 1
- Steinitz rejected the idea to play cable match to Chigorin, which has lately been so much talked. From The New York Tribune
- Morgan's Chess Library, new chess book by W.W. Morgan. It's contained the games of Stenitz and Chigorin known to that time.You still can buy the book HERE at AMAZON.

The Evening Express, Wales

Game viewer: Notable game of Dr. Josef Noa vs Wilfried Paulsen, annotation by Dr. Noa

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