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E. Wallace vs Esling and E. Lasker Simuls in South Wales 1895 - The Montgomery County Times

The Montgomery County Times, Wales
7 December 1895

The Montgomery County Times was newspaper from Cardigan area in Wales, UK. They provided regular chess column since November 1895. Chess editor was not named.

Albert Edward Wallace vs Frederick Karl Esling 1-0, Australian Championship 1895 Melbourne
Queen's Gambit Declined
Game is known and the full score of 1895 Australian Champion match info is here. The most valuable thing in the column was this game annotated by James Mason.

Emmanuel Lasker vs L. McEachran 1-0, Simultaneous South Wales 1895
Petrov Defence
This is possibly a newly found game for Lasker simuls in South Wales. The game was well played by Black side, Mr. L. McEachran. Unfortunately the transcription on the column contained many errors and I was unable to deciphered to the end. Reader that has experience can help. Nevertheless I put the game on the game viewer.

-London vs Glasgow Correspondence game was won by the later.
-Mr. F.J.Lee, the well known professional has returned from America, and has been giving most successful simultaneous display in Dublin and Glasgow.

Chess to play and mate in two, composed by Mrs. W.J.Baird ,  female problemist?

The Montgomery County Times Chess Column
7 December 1895 - Welsh Newspapers Online  

Game Viewer from PGN4Web, possibly Lasker new discover game?

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