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Tattersall vs Napier 1905 and Lasker Chess Magazine, The Sunday Times Perth

The Sunday Times, Perth
15 January 1905

The Sunday Times from Perth provided regular chess column.

Game (Status RARE):
Creassey Edward C Tattersall vs William Ewart Napier 0-1, Hastings 1st British Champ 1904
Ruy Lopez Berlin Open
From a British Tourney 1905 is what the article said about the game, this was 1st British Championship Hasting 1904. This is between well known William Napier versus lesser known Creassey Edward Tattersall. I cannot find this game in online database. It was a fine defend from black side and utilizing the Berlin Defence in this Ruy Lopez opening.

Lasker's Latest Love
Was article about Emmanuel Lasker Chess Magazine.

White to move and mate in two, composed by I.L.Puttino

The Sunday Times Perth Chess Column
15 January 1905 -  Advanced Search - NLA Newspapers

Game Viewer : Tattersall vs Napier 1904

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