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1899 East vs West Scotland Chess Games - Montgomery County Times

The Montgomery County Times, Wales
20 May 1899
Chess column from Wales newspaper, running since 1895

J.R. Longwill vs D.Y. Mills 0-1, East vs West Scottish Match 1899
Queen's Gambit Declined
Board 1 of the Scottish East and West match in 1899, the game adjucated as win for Black. This is probably strong amateur players as their names did not included in major databases. J.R. Longwill also can be found on this article and this.

White to play and mate in two moves, composed by R.G . Thompson

- Exciting news about The London 1899 tournament. Which will attended by Lasker, Steintiz, Tarrasch, Tchigorin, Burn, and Pillsbury.

The Montgomery County Times Wales chess column

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