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Romantic Chess Attack in Scandinavian Defence 1899 - The Montgomery County Times

The Montgomery County Times, Wales
27 May 1899
A newspaper from Montgomery, Salopian, Cardigan area. Chess column was their regular column since 1891.

J. Campbell vs Finlayson 1-0, Scotland Match East v West 1899
Scandinavian Defence
This game was prized "Best and Most Brilliant" by Isidor Gunsberg himself in the Sunday Daily Telegraph. The white side launched bishop sacrifice theme to the kingside. With modern engine, we can see that White is only a pawn up with all black's best defence, but this is the Romantic Chess era, and the Black side accepted the sacrifice with Romantic spirit. Both players were unknown and do not have any more details.

White to move and mate in three moves, composed by Emilio Orsini
Originally issued in Montreal Gazzette 1898, the composition of this chess problem is unique to sole King from black side. See the solution HERE.

Romantic Chess Attack in Scandinavian Defence from 1899 Amateurs Chess Game:
The Montgomery County Times - 27 May 1899
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