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Rees Jones vs Dr. Arthur Chess Games 1891 - Evening Express Wales

Evening Express, Cardiff Wales
17 April 1891
This newspaper from Cardiff district, Wales, provide "Our Chess Column". Chess editor was Geo W. Lenoox. The column seems focus more on their local players and games, compared to The Cambrian from Swansea and the other one Montgomery's newspaper.

Rees Jones vs Dr. Arthur 0-1, Cardiff vs the Hills match 1891
Italian Game
The game between two club player of Cardiff Chess Club and Rhondda, Wales. A good insight look ot he strength of Wales chess club players. Since the game is not notable, I'm saving my time to convert this in the next opportunity.

White to play and mate in two moves, composed by local J.J.M'Eachran.
However the printing was an error, as pointed out by the next issue. The correct position is:

Evening Express Cardiff Wales, "Our Chess Column" by Geo W. Lennox
17 April 1891 -  Welsh Newspapers Online
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