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Morphy's Rook and Knight Odd Chess Games - The Cambrian

The Cambrian, Swansea Wales
22 January 1892
Chess column was a regular in The Cambrian, newspaper from Swansea. Chess editor James Glass

Paul Morphy vs Amateur 1-0, before 1857
King's Gambit - odd : remove White Queen's Rook and Knight!

Well known game, it was published in El Pablo Morphy (15th December) from New York Chess Monthly. Morphy gave a rook and a knight to an amateur. According to information at the Amateur was name "Theodore Knight".

White to play and mates in three moves, composed by Rev. C.F.Jones (Baildon, Shipley, Yorks)

- Lasker setttled in London and to be play in national Tournament, 1892

The Cambrian 22 January 1892

Game Viewer: Rare Paul Morphy extreme odd games versus Amateur - ca 1857

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