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Emil Schallopp vs Karl August Walbrodt 1891 - The Cambrian Swansea

The Cambrian, Swansea Wales
13 November 1891

Newspaper from Swansea area Wales, chess column editor James Glass. Their first issue was in 1891.

Game - Status = Rare Games
Emil Schallopp vs Karl August Walbrodt 0-1, Berlin
Ruy Lopez

Both player was known to chess historian. Emil Schallopp was German player while Karl August Walbrodt was Netherland born. Algebraic notation to be follow later.

White to play and mate in three, composed by J.A. Miles

Blackburne simuls in Liverpool Chess Club 1891, 23 games = 19 won, 3 draw, lost 1
James Mason simul in Sideup Chess Club, 12 won

Fred Intropidi, the distinguished musician, and a member of the Manhattan Chess Club, among pleasing "Recollections of Distinguished Chess-players" in the St. John Globe, relates the following exquisite little anecdote about the late captain Mackenzie's simultaneous play: "If the Captain castles, I am gone. I will give him a delicate hint." The gentleman then placed a good cigar on the board, between the rook and the king. The captain accepted the hint, but in a different manner. He studied the position carefully, then took the cigar from the board, lit it - said "thank you," and - Castled - my friend was defeated.

the Cambrian chess column 13 November 1891

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